Is the thought to improve survival of colon cancer patients with diet (tree) nuts?

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March is the awareness month of colorectal cancer (CRC). CRC is one of the GI cancers that has shown significant [...]

How the Right Mechanism to Share Cancer Research Data Worldwide Could Save the Lives of Numerous Present & Future Cancer Patients – Former VP Joe Biden about the Progress of the Moonshot Initiative.

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Today, the new CEO of the AACR, Nancy Davidson, announced Joe Biden in DC at the annual meeting to a [...]

How lack of awareness could be one potential reason for rising incidence of colorectal cancer in younger people.

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Colorectal cancer has been a topic of increasing attention in recent weeks and months. One reason is that research findings [...]

How does HPV cause normal cells to transform into cancer cells?

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Rasmirani and colleagues recently wrote a comprehensive review article about HPV-mediated neoplastic progression. According to them among 40 out of [...]